EcoEco services are designed to:

  • Objectively monitor your marketing effectiveness
  • Focus resources on initiatives that drive your bottom line
  • Provide IT and analytical support when internal resources are limited
  • Identify and reward your most valuable customers
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Reduce your environmental footprint


Marketing Effectiveness Analysis (AdMetrix)

We’ll examine current reports and make recommendations that will help you understand your marketing ROI. Quantification of advertising to sales ratios across regions, product lines or business units will identify what’s working and areas where advertising expenditures can be reduced.

Customer Insights

Customer insights can be used for acquisition and retention strategies, community-based marketing strategies, relevant messaging, and innovative 1:1 personalization. Take a stand on social issues that resonate with your customers.

  • Mapping software reveals neighbourhoods driving your business.
  • Geo-demographic data is the basis of acquisition and retention strategies.
  • Customer value tiers identify the 30% of your customers that drive your business. Develop strategies to promote mid-tier customers and reduce churn.
Customer Centricity

Our team will design and implement a strategy for transitioning from a product-focus to customer-centric model that includes a culture shift across the organization.

Marketing Plans

We’ll develop ROI- focused marketing plans that add significant value to your business plan

Other services include corporate branding, web development, and the development and implementation of innovative campaigns.

IT Services

Our team can provide consulting services, support, data extraction, and report development. Services include:

  • Design and development of reports and score cards
  • Overview of system performance and optimization strategies
  • Data mapping and data architecture consulting
  • Design, project management and implementation of customer datamarts
  • Development of innovative web-based promotions such as coupons and sweepstakes

Business Development

  • Business Plan Coaching
  • Funding Proposals
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Government Research Partnerships – Management and Funding