AdMetrix services are designed to:

  • Assist you in a strategic transition from mass advertising
  • Provide simple but insightful views of your marketing programs and other business processes
  • Focus resources on initiatives that drive your bottom line
  • Reduce costs while increasing effectiveness
  • Provide IT and analytical support when internal resources are limited
  • Identify and reward your most valuable customers
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Reduce your environmental footprint

AdMetrix is a simple but powerful analytical process that helps retailers streamline their advertising costs and understand more about their most valuable customers. With AdMetrix, we encourage marketing professionals to “Add math to their mix”.

AdMetrix services include:

Flyer Rationalization

  • Empower media buyers to use math-based decision-making  
  • Reduce costs by distributing flyers where it’s profitable based on advertising to sales ratio
  • Reduce paper and contribute to your Green Policy.
  • Strategically transition from mass advertising into other media
  • Take a pro-active approach to waste reduction prior to imposed regulations

Postal Code Analysis and Mapping Software

  • Provide insight into customer geo-demographics for acquisition and retention strategies
  • Use the knowledge for customer centricity initiatives
  • Use the knowledge to develop relevant community marketing initiatives
  • Visualize what areas drive sales and concentrate marketing efforts accordingly
  • Determine optimal placement for new stores or relocations