To provide value based analytical services that help organizations increase their triple bottom line by focusing on profitability, ecology, and community.

EcoEco’s mandate is to positively impact the economy, ecology, and community by providing innovative marketing strategies. EcoEco is designing a proprietary software application, AdMetrix, to encourage marketing professionals to “Add math to their mix!”. By measuring marketing effectiveness and profiling customers, companies can design targeted relevant campaigns that save money, drive sales, and reduce the environmental footprint associated with mass advertising. EcoEco will ultimately move beyond marketing into other business units with the same “triple bottom line” approach.


Beth Ringdahl

Beth Ringdahl, understands the art and science of ROI-focused marketing, through specialties in business analysis and customer intelligence. Her love of numbers, and their impact on the “triple bottom line” was her inspiration in developing AdMetrix Analytics. She was the Customer Programs Manager at Best Buy Canada and the Data Services Manager at Ernex Marketing Technologies, a subsidiary of Moneris Solutions. Beth was invited to present at Thornton May’s IT Leadership Forum, October 2006, in Jacksonville Florida, an event attended by CIO’s from across America. Beth’s passion for the ecological aspects of marketing stems from 12 years experience in life sciences research and product commercialization. Trained as a classical plant breeder, Beth transferred her knowledge of segmentation in plant populations to customer databases. Beth worked with Pioneer Hi-Bred Seeds, Kraft, Frito Lay, Monsanto, and Royal Sweet International Technologies.

Beth is actively involved in national celiac awareness and is on the Vancouver Board of the Canadian Celiac Association. Her story was recently printed in the Fall 2006 Issue of Allergic Living. One of her callings is to bring awareness of the growing epidemic of food allergies to the agricultural community.

For more information about Beth’s field of dreams feel free to contact her.

Alexandra Zinchenko
Director of IT and Operations

Alexandra Zinchenko is a systems engineer and accomplished IT professional. She has spent the past seven years at Ernex Marketing Technologies, Moneris Solutions where she has lead a team of programmers in developing leading edge real-time loyalty programs for numerous clients in North America. She also led the team in implementing database hosting solutions including Royal Bank of Canadas, Royal Rewards credit card base. She is known for her expertise in providing solutions that meet the needs of the business users on-time and under-budget. She has a great deal of end to end systems design expertise.

Alexandra spent twelve years as a systems engineer for the oil and gas industry in the Ukraine. She worked on large infrastructure projects where her team received government recognition for innovation.

Sally Ringdahl
Director of Community

Sally is responsible for EcoEco’s community, wellness and natural products division. Her extensive background includes executive leadership positions in education and healthcare. Sally has worked extensively in North America and Asia. She was recently the Vice President of Academics and Research, and Dean of Academic Studies at Bastyr University, Seattle. She managed her own naturopathic practice in Victoria BC and Sante Fe, New Mexico. For more information about Sally’s more adventurous than average career feel free to contact her.

Jo Ringdahl
CPO – Chief Prayer Officer

At 90, Jo Ringdahl, is a living example of the Law of Attraction, drawing in all the abundance life offers and living in the moment. She is never “too tired” or “too busy” for anything that involves fun or a glass of wine! Our family is grateful for her wisdom, prayers, and her genes!